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National Press


"…It has set the Saryu on fire. Why only the Saryu, the Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri, even the mythical Saraswati, appear to have been affected.

Undoubtedly, "Ramayana" is a block-buster in the history of Indian television. On August 1, a crowd of over 40,000 waited patiently outside Jaipur's Birla Mandir to have a glimpse of Rama (Arun Govil) and Sita (Dipika) who were due to grace of shrine. Even ministers jostled with mesmerised fans for a "darshan". Whether it is Ahmedabad or Patna, Chandigarh or Jaipur, a large number of viewers, especially women, regard the serial as their main method of communion with God. Consequently, many bathe early and light sticks of incense or earthen lamps while the serial is telecast…" The Times of India, Mumbai.” – Times of India, Mumbai.

"Ramanand Sagar's 78-episode TV serial Ramayan produced under the banner Sagar Arts was first telecast in 1987 on Doordarshan. The world”s most viewed mythological serial till June 2003, its each weekly episode ran for 35 minutes when it was first aired. It had the whole nation enthralled so much that each Sunday morning life in every part of India came to a standstill for an hour. Special arrangements for viewing the serial were made at street corners, community centres, shop fronts. Subsequently, with repeat telecast on 20 different channels in 17 countries on all five continents at different times, it has been aired for over 2,000 hours. As per BBC figures, the serial has been viewed by over 650 million people worldwide of which, 40 million Indian viewers regularly watched it on its first telecast. Forever popular it is still running on DD Metro.” - Limca Book of Records (Limca is a registered trademark owned by the Coca-Cola Company)

 "For more than a year the Ram Katha presented on the small screen kept viewers glued to their sets ..... Streets empty out as the clock edges towards 9:30 a.m. Cab drivers prefer not to stop for a waving passenger but rush to the nearest television set. There were instances of all social barriers being overlooked with the haves sharing the TV with the have-nots. Villagers in Uttar Pradesh had pooled money and bought black and white TV sets for community viewing as some villages did not have enough sets to cater to the entire population. It was as though a curfew was declared on the streets, whether in Muslim dominated Kashmir or Christian Kerala. Even in Lahore, Muslims who know the “RAMAYAN” tradition - sit and watch." -  The HINDU – Madras.


"...... There is no denying the fact that RAMAYAN has certainly affected the lives of millions of viewers across the country............" The AFTERNOON, Mumbai.


"...... seldom has a television serial aroused such a phenomenal response ......." INDIA TODAY – Delhi.

“RAMAYAN has generated a lot of interest in Indian culture, cutting across all barriers of caste, creed and class.........” - HINDUSTAN TIMES – Delhi.

“56 Events that Changed India- Ramayan in January 1986. After the Sagar's discovered Arun Govil's beatific smile and the power of televisual religion, Sunday mornings were never the same again. Nor was India, with Sagar's miracle-a-minute amalgam of 14 different versions of Valmiki's epic keeping pace with an aggressive and unapologetic Hindutva that swept the nation.” - India Today • August 18th 2003


"A Divine Sensation"…India Today


International Press

....... seen by 650 million Indians ......” - BBC

..... 3200 years old Indian epic - RAMAYANA - Streets became deserted as Indians abandoned work and chores to watch the adventure of Lord Rama .......” - CNN


.... The Trail blaser for this genre came 10 years ago with the television serialization of a 3200 year old Indian epic - Ramayan....” by Anita Pratap, South Asia Bureau Chief, CNN

“..... RAMAYAN is India's most successful television serial, watched weekly by an estimated 40 million. The advertising revenue it generates amounts to about 10 million rupees ( 450,000 sterling pound ), 10 per cent of the monthly income of Doordarshan, the state-run television network ......” - The Times, London


“TV supersoap brings nation to its knees in prayer .......when RAMAYAN is shown, life in cities, towns and villages across India comes to a virtual standstill.  Conches are blown in celebration and incense sticks burned atop TV sets.” - The Sunday Times, London.

“.... 40 per cent of those tuning in were American viewers..........” -  VANCOUVER SUN - USA


“The RAMAYAN,” an Indian serial based on Hindu legends ....” - THE NEW YORK TIMES – Highlights.


“........“RAMAYAN” was so popular, even with non-Hindus, that some Christian churches rescheduled Sunday services so that parishioners wouldn”t miss it.............” -  The WALL STREET JOURNAL -N.Y   (Front Page)


International Television Ratings:

“... RAMAYAN generated significant Neilson rating when telecast on “Eye on Asia” in New York ... - NIELSEN Ratings

International Film Festival:

“Ramayan” was invited to enter the competition in International Audio Visual programme (FIFA) Cannes International Festival.



“NO FULL STOPS IN INDIA” - A book by Mark Tully - BBC Correspondent - gave 27 pages - one complete chapter to Ramanand Sagar”s “RAMAYAN” and its unbelievable popularity - the phenomena of the RAMAYAN.

5 VOLUMES OF RAMAYANA in Japanese language for Osaka University of Foreign Studies - teaching RAMAYAN to Japanese student in Osaka University by Prof. Tomio Mizokami.

Book HINDUISM ... contains reproduction in black and white the photographs of RAM-SITA Professor Knott”s book HINDUISM: A Very Short Introduction Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford.

'Politics after Television' book by Arvind Rajgopal (Hindu Nationalism and the reshaping of the Public in India) In January 1987, the Indian state-run television began broadcasting a Hindu epic in serial form, the Ramayan, to nationwide audiences, violating a decades-old taboo on religious partisanship, in post independence times, around the symbol of Lord Ram, led by Hindu Nationalists.



Documentary “MILLENNIUM” - A thousand years of history ....using clippings from “RAMAYAN” in the their documentary called “Millennium” Ten hours of television software... . Popular television serial Ramayana which served as a wonderful way to link the present with the past.....A Television documentary series by M/s Rosalind Bentley, Produced by Jeremy Isaacs Productions Ltd.

BBC Series - ...BBC school series “Believe it or not - Hinduism” produced for BBC by Lynu S. Todd, Associate Producer, Television Junctions Ltd., ..... young Hindus learn about their religious, i.e. by reading, storytelling, stories passed down through generations, Gita lessons in the Mandir and television series such as the RAMAYAN .....

Documentary “PEOPLES CENTURY” - ....An Educational Documentary series entitled “People”s Century” covering the history of Television in 20th century - by SUMAN FILMS, London.

Film “FIRE” ... clips of “Seeta”s Agni Pariksha” in the film “FIRE”...... Produced by Deepa Mehta for TRIAL BY FIRE, Canada.


People and Dignitaries

Prime Ministers and Presidents

Rajiv Gandhi… (Prime Minister, India) Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said: "Ramayan has stirred the imagination of millions of television viewers. It has imbibed the great Indian culture, tradition and moral values especially in the young…"


Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma (Vice President, India) Vice President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma said: "The ideals and life-style in the epic 'Ramayan' are valid for humanity forever.

Blessed by Saints of India 

International Views

ALICE COLTRANE wife of Jaaz great JOHN COLTRANE says ....Ramanand Sagar is a genius. The TV serial Ramayan is an embodiment of the highest harmony in the spiritual and the technological world.  The shock waves were felt around the world. We felt the vibrations, we felt the profound effects.

Professors of California State University Department of Anthropology University professor of comparative religion…we have just seen your beautiful film 'The Ramayan' and were very impressed with its clear presentation …we feel that our students could best attain a clear understanding of Indian culture and Hinduism through viewing this remarkable series…

H.E. Mr. Korn. Dabbaransi Dy. Prime Minister of Thailand "…streets in Bangkok were deserted when Ramayan was telecast in Thailand…" (felicitation function Hotel JW Marriot, Mumbai)

Some of the important Award • Felicitations • Citations • Honours • Victory Processions • Civic Receptions

Awards - National

  • Kalyug Valmiki - Ramanand Sagar Videoboom Award.
  • Shiromani Hindustan Rattan Award – Padam Shri Dr. Ramanand Sagar D.Lit by Shaheed Memorial Swea Society Ludiana.
  • Udyog Jyoti Puraskar – Institute of Industrial Development.
  • "Braj Shri" puraskar – Shri Braj Mandal, Mumbai.
  • The Millennium Award – Zoroastrian Flag of Friendliness & Brotherhood.
  • Sindhu Ratna – Ramanand Sagar, Andheri Sindhi Panchayat.

Felicitations - National


  • All India Mayor's Conference by Bombay Citizens Committee.
  • Marwari Sammelan Birla Matoshri, Bombay
  • Vile Parle Kelawani Mandal Bombay.
  • Jhulelal Award All India Sindhi Panchayat Association.
  • Giants International Award in recognitions of remarkable Achievements.
  • The Film Writers Association – Dedicated and selfless services rendered.


  • Yuva Kumbh Shimbharath – Banjrangdal & Vishwa Hindu Parishad.


  • Saraswati Ratnabhishek – Rashtra Gaurav Saman Samaroh Samart Shiksha Samiti – Delhi.
  • Dharmabhushan – Akhil Bharthiya Sanatan Dharma pratinidhi samelan New Delhi.
  • Sarvesh Maitri Bharatiya Jain Milan – Delhi.
  • Vijay Rattna – Award – Enriching Human Life and Outstanding Attainments International Friendship Society of India.
  • "Suramya" Felicitation by former President of India Shri R. Venkataraman.


  • Citizens of Ludhiana – Millennium Great Personality of India.


  • Indore Nagar Palika.


  • Shree Digamber Jain Trust – Ramanand Sagar – Howrah.
  • Felicitations – Rotary International district – Man of the year award.


  • Bharat Vikas Parishad – Varanasi.
  • "Shri Tulsi Samman" Tulsi Janambhoomi Surkerkat Vikas Samiti.

Pune & Thiruvanthapuram

  • Pradesh Vishwa Hindu Parishad convention.
  • Alandi Devachi Pune Vishal Hindu Sammelan.
  • Press Club of Kerala – Thiruvanthapuram – Kerala.



  • "Maharashtra Ratna" Outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema Industry Maharashtra Kala Niketan.
  • IMPAA Trophy – Outstanding contribution to Indian Film Industry – Indian Motion Picture Producers Association.
  • Crusader of Ancient Indian Culture – Indira Ghansham Mirchandani Service Centre, Delhi.
  • "Bhaskar Award" Promoting the Ancient Indian Wisdom, Systems and Practices for the benefits of the mankind - Bharat Nirman.
  • Mystique India – Spiritual Renaissance Conference.
  • Great Son of Punjab – Padmashri Ramanand Sagar Bhawnakala Mandir.
  • The Great Son of the Soil – Millennium Award – XIXth National All India Conference of Intellectuals contribution to TV – Ramanand Sagar.
  • TV & Video World Award – Fame Communications and Sterling News Paper Ltd.
  • Outstanding Citizen Award 1996 – Ramanand Sagar enriching human life, outstanding attainments appreciation in the chosen field of activity International peace and goodwill foundation.


  • Shree Ram Darbar – 125th Suswarnim Varsh Ramlila Bhavan, Kanpur.


  • Ramanand Sagar – for his Seminal contribution to creative, visual productions, popularising and rekindling interest in our great epic.
  • Dr. Pinnamaneni & Smt. Seethadevi – foundation Vijayawada.


  • Himalaya Ratna – Ratna samman samorah Nagrik Parishad, Dehradun.


  • Heritage of Punjab – Punjab Arts Council, Chandigarh.


  • Yug Valmiki – Akhil Bharat Jagannath Chetana Sansad Jagannath Dhampuri – Cuttack.


  • Meritorious contributions in the field of Film, Arts and Literature - Sahir Award.

Felicitations • International

  • Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America – Global Vision 2000 festival – Centenary of Swami Vivekananda's Historic Chicago address, recognises the outstanding contribution made by Ramanand Sagar through his superb creation of the most popular TV serial 'Ramayana'.
  • Rajasthan Parishad of America – Plague – Hon'ble Shri Ramanand Sagar in Honour and Appreciation of his Great contribution to Humanity by making the classic epic Ramayana for TV.
  • International Punjab Society Award – Ramanand Sagar.
  • Wiltern Theatre, Hollywood – on the stupendous Global Success of the TV serial 'Ramayan' by Alice Coltrane wife of John Coltrane, the famous Jazz musician and spiritualist.
  • Felicitated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – Vedantic University – Holland.
  • Felicitated by the President of West Indies at Diwali Mela Celebrations – Trinidad and Tabago.
  • Felicitations by Sounds of Asia – Toronto channel 47 with telecast of Ramayan
  • Felicitation by Govt. of Mauritius Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Jagannath.


TV Interviews & Documentaries

B.B.C. London (Power of the soap no. 1 rated TV serial)


N. H. K. Japan

ARTE – France

Abdul Rahman Film Maker – Holland

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

German Television Network

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