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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sagar Vandan, Phew! Have we been busy!! Setting up a new television show is not less than organizing an Indian wedding. The coordination between such varied departments of costumes, sets, scripting, casting, music and sound etc. is a super human effort, requiring a lot patience and

The healthy monsoon, which has covered most parts of the country by now, marks the beginning of the 7th month of July as per the Gregorian calendar. Ashadha or Aashaadha the fourth month of the Hindu calendar has crossed it’s halfway by now. Ashadha begins

TimeKeeping, though very usual it may sound, has been an essential part of our lives. It has helped mankind to keep up with his scheduling, his endeavors, his researches and what not; ultimately with his successes. But the discovery of this very concept is no

Water, even a single drop of it can soothe a scorched soul; a reason why here, in India, our ancestors gave it a significant identification. A reason why offering Jal/water to a thirsty person or animal is considered a sacred deed. And even today, we

Religion, since our very beginning, has acted as the cicerone that has guided us towards establishment of societal norms in order to live an ideal life. Mankind has always looked towards its teachings whenever in need/ in moments of despair/ in requirement of rectitude, to

In Hindu Cosmology, Prakrati is recognized as source of creation that enacts with the Purush (Parbrahmm) in order to disperse the element of life in the cosmos. According to the Shakt-Sect, Prakrati is identified as ‘Adi Shakti’, the source to all, who prevails in this