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ADHASUR – python demon, brother of Putna

ADHASUR – python demon, brother of Putna

Other names: Aghasur, Aghasoor

In the Dwapar age, there were a lot of stories of the tyranny of Adhasur. This huge giant (demon) was very angry when he saw Krishna happily playing with cowherd kids. He was so dangerous that immortal deities were also scared of him. Kans had sent Adhasur to kill Krishna. He was the brother of Putna and Bakasur. He was very sad because of their death. He wanted to kill Krishna, Balram and Sridama (a splendid youth sixteen years old has a handsome dark complexion; wears yellow garments and a necklace of jewels.

The leader of Krishna’s confidential friends (priya-sakhas), Sridama, is a great reservoir of the nectar of innumerable transcendental pastimes and is Lord Krishna’s dearest friend) and thereby pay homage to his dead brother and sister.


So he took the form of a dangerous Python and lay down on the road where Krishna used to pass by along with cowherds. He had kept his mouth wide open. It looked like a big cave. All the cowherds thought it to be a big cave and went inside.


Adhasur waited for Shri Krishna and lay down without moving. When Krishna saw that the cowherds had gone into Adhasur’s mouth and are playing around, he had to get inside to protect them. As soon as Krishna entered the mouth, the python closed his mouth. But he could not remain happy for long because as soon as Krishna went inside, he started increasing the size of his body due to which the python was having difficulty in breathing. He started shaking.  His breath stopped.

All the cowherds along with Krishna came out. Everyone, including the deities in the heaven and the cowherds on the earth thanked Krishna and flowers and garlands were showered on him.

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