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Krishna Story

Once in Brahmalok (the eternal residence of the God Brahma), Lord Brahma was seated on a white lotus. Goddess Parvati

Because of the wisdom of Akroor and his friends, Rohini happily reached Nand and Yashoda’s place in Nandgram. In Mathura,

Rohini was in labour while she was living in Nandgram. Nandji and Yashoda and several other friends were at her

After Putna was killed by Krishna, Kans sent Shridhar, the disciple of the demon’s Guru Shukracharya, who was an expert

Kans was fretting over the problem of Krishna, and was discussing this with his friend Banasur. Banasur told him to

Kanha (Krishna) was planning along with his friends to tease the gopis by the bank of the river Yamuna. They