Long time ago in the kingdom of Yemen, a child was born to the King. He was the most beautiful baby anyone had ever seen but that wasn’t all. King Abdullah and Queen Nabila knew that there was something special about their baby boy, for the minute he was born, the entire palace was engulfed in an ocean of light, flowers bloomed to their fullest and birds of every kind gathered around the palace as if to greet this child.
Release Date :26th December 2003 to 12th November 2004
Episode : 47 | Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Running Time : 45 Minutes
Languages : Hindi | Network : STAR PLUS


Directed By
Amrit Sagar, Shakti Sagar
Produced By
Sagar Entertainment Ltd.
Co-Produced By
Prem Sagar
Written By
Deepali Junjappa
Gaurav Issar
Co Produces By
Prem Sagar


Rahil Azeem


Kiku Sharda


Nirmal Pandey


Tom Altar

(King of Paristan)

Tej Sapru


Shilpa Shinde



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