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Jai Jai Saraswati Mata Aarti: Saraswati Aarti is a popular Aarti or special prayer devoted to Hind..

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Kaowa Mantra: Crows are believed to link us with our dead ancestors, and crows carry the food offe..

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Day Of Week Mantras

Sunday: Surya Mantra is a hymn chanted to appease Surya - the divine personification of Sun. Sunda..

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Mantras For Nine Planets

Chandra Prarthna: Hymn to invoke and seek blessing from Moon God Chandra. During Chandra prarthna ..

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Shlokas For Everyday Routine

Om Shubham Karotu Kalyanam: "Shubham Karoti Kalyana" is an evening Shloka or hymn. This hymn is re..

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Tree Mantras

Nariyal mantra: Nariyal or coconut is an auspicious offering to the Gods in any worship. Coconut i..

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