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'Ramayan' is read in countless tongues, written and televised in myriad languages. It is found in simple village homes and sophisticated, technological advanced cities all over the world. Since its telecast in Eighties 'Ramayan' has been hailed as a MODERN DAY MIRACLE. The media also hailed its director Ramanand Sagar, as modern day TULSIDAS/VALMIKI. Shobha Yatras and victory processions were held all over India to felicitate the man and Awards poured from the skies, as the mission he was born for finally took shape. Ram-Anand-Sagar as the name suggests is the Sagar of Ram’s bliss, and his wife’s name was Leela (the cosmic play). So there is no doubt that he was born to make this epic which he completed at a ripe age of 70 years.

Ramanand Sagar's mega epic TV serial 'Ramayan' when first telecast in 1987 created unprecedented records. It blazed new trails all over the world with a unique distinction of achieving something which even prophets, scholars, great thinkers, religious leaders, social reformers and politicians could not achieve in centuries.
The message of 'Ramayan' cut across all the barriers of caste, creed, language and political boundaries. The euphoria that 'Ramayan' created was documented by the media during its telecast.

Ramayan has no religious projection – the only projection is human and therefore, it is Universal.

Ramayan brings to life the ideals that we have lost sight of like truth, righteousness, love, benevolence and profound spiritualism. How to be an ideal brother, ideal father, ideal sister, ideal wife, ideal husband etc. are taught to us through the story of Ramayan, which present the characters different situations in which audience can learn from their acceptance and reactions to the various situations. Thus stories are the best way to teach lessons and morals.
No wonder Sagar says of his masterpiece: "It is an act of Divine Power and I am merely a tiny instrument.” He often said, “I am a mere postman. I was asked to deliver this letter to humanity and so I did. Now if you want to give me credit for it, its up to you.”
The presentation sets and costumes are in the styles of Indian folk art and folk drama. The dialogue writing is a scholarly work of painstaking research and the thoughtful, detailed reading of the Ramayan in Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Avadhi, Malayalam, Kannada and Assamese languages, written by Rishis, Sages and the great Masters of these languages.
Sagar says: "My Ramayan is like the great Rishis including modern great men like Mahatma Gandhi outwardly dressed in a beggar's loin cloth – but within, a spiritual power house which affects the whole of humanity."
Something like Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan can happen only once in many centuries.
Do read more about the life of Dr. Sagar in the book, An Epic Life – From Barsaat to Ramayan released by Westland Pulications. The book is also available on Kindle.
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