The Ramayan


Sunday in India has become “Ramayan day”. 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning is Ramayan time. The whole nation stands still for 45 minutes watching Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan on TV – the multitudes that include from the high-ups to the housewives, teeny-boppers, canteen boys, street vendors, the holy men of all creeds and communities. The streets are deserted. In Kashmir, boatmen refuse to ply. In Nashik, pilgrims can't get a priest to do their pooja. People put down telephone receivers while seeing Ramayan. It is reported that Governors and Chief Ministers' avoid giving appointments at the hour. Factories cannot get labourers for urgent jobs, even if they offer double wages.

Ramanand Sagar Ji


'Ramayan' is read in countless tongues, written and televised in myriad languages. It is found in simple village homes and sophisticated, technological advanced cities all over the world. Since its telecast in Eighties 'Ramayan' has been hailed as a MODERN DAY MIRACLE. The media also hailed its director Ramanand Sagar, as modern day TULSIDAS/VALMIKI. Shobha Yatras and victory processions were held all over India to felicitate the man and Awards poured from the skies, as the mission he was born for finally took shape.


Do you remember what you were doing during the recent telecast during the Lockdown or then in 1987? Or maybe you have heard of stories from your parents or elders? Everyone has a personal story, as to what happened to them during the telecast of this great epic. Please write us your feelings, incidences and events that occurred in your life during the telecast of the Ramayan. Please be respectful for other viewers of this public forum and no use of profane language will be allowed. Disrespectful remarks and posts will be removed.

Here are some of our best incidences that have been documented during the first telecast in 1987.

  • During that sacred three quarters of an hour, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the largest Indian state, refused to take any telephone calls.
  • In Jammu and Kashmir, angry viewers attacked a power station when electricity cuts disrupted the telecast.
  • A lawyer's conference in Patna had to be delayed when its opening coincided with the telecast and nobody turned up.
  • A bride was late for her wedding ceremony in Satara in Maharashtra because she was watching Ramayan.
  • Two ministers turned up one hour late for swearing-in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan. They said they were busy watching 'Ramayan'
  • The Bharat Milap scene brought two Muslim brothers in Bhopal together who were on inimical terms, after having lived separately for ten years. So moved was the elder brother by the serial, that he transported all his possessions which were the reason of the spilt, to the younger brother's house.
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  • In a Ranchi’s mental asylum, usually rowdy or violent inmates pelted stones on monkeys sitting on trees in the compound on Sundays when they were out in open watching 'Ramayan' peacefully. When they saw Hanumanji performing various tasks for Lord Shri Ram, their attitude towards monkeys changed. They started leaving food for the animals and even erected a Samadhi for a dead monkey.
  • In Bombay, 'Ramayan' even cured a boy of amnesia. After a serious accident, the boy could not remember anything from his past life. Several efforts by his parents and treatment could not revive his memory. One day his sister asked him to see 'Ramayan'. A faint recollection of the theme music of the serial triggered off a positive response and the boy soon recovered with subsequent treatment.
  • A funeral procession in Muzaffarnagar was delayed by an hour to enable mourners to watch 'Ramayan'
  • In Lucknow, distraught patients complained that doctors and nurses had abandoned them while the show was on air.
  • A man died in Karnataka while watching 'Ramayan'. The family members attended to him and cremated after the serial got over.
  • Many churches all over India rescheduled their Sunday masses so that church-goers can watch the serial.
  • After watching the scene in which Laxman becomes unconscious on being hit by Indrajit's arrow – Naagpash – a wealthy businessman in Madras fell seriously ill and went into coma at the shock of seeing Laxman wounded. The credibility and source of the sequence created a great a furore, but the Sagar's stood their ground. But when they received a request from the businessman's doctor to help them revive the old man, the Sagar unit worked round the clock and prepared a special clipping which they air-dashed to Madras. Only after the man saw Laxman reviving back to life in the new clipping – also based on the authentic research – did he recover back to normal life from his coma.
  • A wedding baraat arrived in Lucknow station 9:30 am on Sunday only to find that all the coolies as well as the rickshawallas engrossed in seeing the serial. The bride's parents being influential people attempted to lodge a complaint with the station master, only to find him busy watching the serial. Even threats did not get him to budge from his seat before the TV set. Exasperated, they called up a Union Minister to seek justice, only to be given a terse reply that the Minister himself was busy watching the serial and to call up later.



Arun Govil

(Lord Rama)

Deepika Topiwala

(Sita Maiya)

Sunil Lahri


Arvind Trivedi

(Ravana )

Dara Singh


Sanjay Jog


Sameer Rajda


Bal Dhuri


Jayshree Gadkar


Padma Khanna




Lalita Pawar


Vijay Arora


Mukesh Rawal


Aparajita bhushan


Shyam Sundar Kalani


Sudhir Dalvi




Renu Dhariwal


Mulraj Rajda


Urmila Bhatt


Rajshekhar Upadhyay


Bashir Khan


Anjali Vyas


Sulakshana Khatri


Vijay Kavish


Pushpa Verma


Ramesh Chapaneri

(Malyavan & Agastya)

Chandrakant Pandey

(Nishad Raj)

Girish Seth


Giriraj Shukla


Vibhuti Dave


Sarita Devi


Aslam Khan

(Samudra Dev and Various roles)

Bandini Mishra


Murari Lal Gupta


Mahesh Bhatt

(Shatanand, Ahilya Devi & Gautam Rishi's son, priest of Janak)

Shrikant Soni


Bhushan Lankandari


Sunil Verma

(Garuda, Indra, Jatayu, Narantak)

Ramesh Goyal


Mayuresh Kshatrade


Swapnil Joshi



Directed By
Ramanand Sagar
Produced By
Ramanand Sagar
Written By
Ramanand Sagar
Executive Producers
Subhash Sagar, Prem Sagar
Associate Directors
Anand Sagar, Moti Sagar
Marketing Director
Prem Sagar
Ajit Naik
Subhash Sehgal
Research and Adaptation
Phani Majumdar, Vishnu Mehrotra
Ravindra Jain
Title Song
Ram Madkaikar
Sripad, E. Rudra
Sharad Mukkannwar


A Record breaking show on the India's largest epic Dubbed in 21 languages. Telecast in 53 Countries.

Ramanand Sagar Ji's

Awards, Press, Events, Quotes and Accolades


RAMAYAN - Telecast In 5 Continents

North America

  • New York Tristate - 31 WYNC (N.J. + N.Y. + Cincinate)
  • Chicago - Chitrahar Channel 26
  • Toronto - Channel 57
  • Vancouver - Channel 28/32


  • South Africa - Johannesburg - M. Net (Twice)
  • South Africa – Johannesburg – East Net
  • Kenya - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
  • Mautitius - Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (Twice)
  • S.A.B.C. - South African Broadcasting Corporation

South America

  • Trinidad - CCN6
  • British Guyana - WRHM/VGTV
  • Surinam - Surinamise TV


  • U.K. - London Cable - Cable Tel (Ladbrokes)
  • C. Net – London (Sky Satellite)


  • Singapore - Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
  • Thailand (Bangkok) - Channel 3
  • Indonesia (Jakarta) - P.T. Cipta Televisi
  • Sri Lanka - Telshan Network (Twice)
  • Nepal - Nepal TV
  • Malaysia – Measat

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