“Dan”- Psychic Reader

Danesh (Dan) Kumar is a natural born psychic with over 15 years’ experience in the fields of psychic readings, holistic healing, and providing spiritual guidance to people across the world.

Aware of his psychic abilities since he was a teenager, he mainly works through his strong connection with his guardian angels. This connection allows him to see the source or root cause of any situation. He sees and hears his guides and your spiritual angels, who show him images of people, places and situations from the past, present and the future.

During your Reading with Dan, he connects with his guides and spiritual masters, channelling their collective wisdom to show you possible paths and options available to you. He also guides you with the positive action you can take to achieve the outcome you desire. He is able to advise on any aspect of your life, be it personal or professional.

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Completely free of any particular religious’ beliefs, his readings are a reflection of your current situation, identification of the cause of certain situations or patterns in your life, and a practical guide to action-steps you need to take to realise your desired outcomes.

Born and raised in Toronto, Dan is currently based between Mumbai and Dubai. He travels across the globe for in-person readings and is also able to do sessions over the phone or video calls.

DURATION: Typically, sessions will be 45 mins. to 1 hour long.

INFO NEEDED FROM YOU: Nothing. Dan uses his gift of intuition and so doesn’t require any details from you. Just message or mail us to book an appointment. If you are in Mumbai, Dan’s studio is in Juhu and you can have a face-to-face, or then you can talk on the phone or skype.

PRICE: Rs. 4,500 for Residents of India, $160 for international calls/appointments.