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Vishnu Granthi Yantra - High Quality Print of Artwork by Pieter Weltevrede

Vishnu Granthi Yantra - High Quality Print of Artwork by Pieter Weltevrede

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Granthi is a knot. These are the knotted areas in subtle body which blocks the flow of prana or life energy in the body. The prana in the subtle body rises throught the central psychic channel called as Sushmana nadi. The Granthis block the energy to rise up the Sushmana nadi, thereby hindering a Yogi to move toward spiritual enlightenment and liberation. These knots keep a person entangled in the materialistic world of desire. There are three knots – Brahma Granthi, Vishnu Granthi and Rudra Granthi. Vishnu Granthi is governed by Anahata (heart) chakra and Vishuddha (throat) chakra. This granthi causes ego and desire of acquiring materialistic possession in a person. Yoga helps in untying this knots and transcending above the feeling of ego, possessiveness and selfishness. The granthis are untied with the help of various asanas (yoga poses) and pranayam. The Vishnu Granthi yantra is depicted here with a Yogi with the animal symbols related to Anahata and Vishudda Chakra – antelope and white elephant..Read our blog

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Rolled and Shipped inside a Safe Packaging Art Tube

The Artwork is printed on Felix Schoeller coated matte paper imported from Germany, which is a type of paper specifically designed to have a smooth, non-reflective surface. The printing process utilized Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks, known for their high-quality and durability, if framed and displayed under specific conditions like room temperature will last for few decades . These inks are renowned for their vibrant color reproduction and excellent fade resistance, ensuring that the printed artwork maintains its visual appeal for a long period of time.

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Pieter Weltevrede

Pieter Weltevrede is a Master Sacred-Artist based out of the Netherlands. After a many years of guidance, under his guru Late Harish Johari a successful author, a gifted painter and sculptor, a lifetime scholar, an inspiring teacher, a splendid cook, an Ayurvedic massage miracle, etc, Pieter embarked on his own journey amalgamating ancient Indian knowledge with his own western sensibilities evolving an art form that appeals to todays international audience. He has been practicing his art form from the last 40 years now.

His original paintings are in water colors on silk with a wash-technique that gives them a very three-dimensional feel. The complexity and detail in his works are a super-human endeavour as he continues to live a mundane life travelling between the Western World & India.

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