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Psychic Number 9 Destiny Number 9 – Mobile Cover

Psychic Number 9 Destiny Number 9 – Mobile Cover

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Psychic Number 9 : The number 9 represented by mangal /Marsin Vedic Numerology.Mars is said to be the commander-in-chief of the assembly of the nine planets and represented a strong sense of purpose in life, restless, they are constantly engaged in activities. They are fighter and fight their way towards the top in any field with a competitive but sportsmanlike spirit. Psychic number 9 individuals is more active from 0-35 years of Age.

Destiny Number 9 : The Destiny Number gets activated post 35 years of age. They are short-tempered, angry and quareelsome. They develop spiritually and mentally through the hardships of life; they understand the meaning of conmic love and can appreciate true wisdom. Destiny 9 individuals rise to high positions in Organizers, managers and become powerful in their careers. They are lucky and destiny favors their rise to promience. 

Buying a mobile cover of your psychic and destiny number, allows you to remain connected with that primal, esoteric energy that you were born with according to the"Nav Grahas" or the nine planets, on which Vedic Numerology is based upon. We at Sagar World follow the school of the Late Esoteric Guru, Harish Johari from Bareilly who wrote many books on the subject reinventing the old science to suit a modern day seeker.

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Psychic Number 9: Impressive and charismatic presence, warm personality. Aggressive, assertive, challenging, emotional, can fly into a rage, volatile, anger easily, impatient, aristocratic demeanor. Better in dealing with troubles of the many than the problem of a single person. Militant, benevolent, unprejudiced. Long for love and approval. Able to synthesize and harmonize with all other vibrations. Sincere, postpone personal satisfaction for common goals, hard working, serves.

Destiny Number 9: Humanitarian, warm, real, direct, responsive, responsible. Always busy, work constantly. Broadminded, compassionate, dramatic in emotional expression, proud, disciplined, self sacrificing, universalist philosophy, community orientation. Excellent teachers, socially active, ecologically conscious, accomplish lots. Give of themselves without wanting anything in return, incorruptible when evolved. Romantic yet love impersonally, enjoy music and the arts as personal reward. Kind and understanding, concerned for the overall advancement of society, liberated, wise, serve.

Name Number HUMANIST, will love unconditionally and work ceaselessly.

The following information mostly applies to Psychic Numbers. For Destiny and Name Numbers, both similarities and differences in interpretation or application can be expected.

  • Friendly Numbers


  • Enemy Numbers


  • Colour


  • Gem


  • Day


  • Best Suited Professions

    Diplomats, arbitrators, real estate, salesmen, politicians, teachers, researchers, reformers

  • Metal


  • Body Chemistry

    Air (Vata)

  • Karmic Lesson

    Mucus (Kappha)

  • Compatible Numbers

    Business: 2,7,8
    Marriage: 1,2,7,8
    Romance: 2,3,7,8